Well, What Do You Have?

Well what do you have...

I thought about this little video when I was creating this arrangement this week.

I love Priscilla Shirer and I love the way she drew out such a practical and applicable lesson from a Bible story I have heard so many times.

I’ve thought about this lesson so many times over the last year and this week when I arranged these flowers from my own backyard, I could hear the words “well what do you have?” in my head.

How quick I have been to think of what I don’t have! I don’t have the time, I don’t have the ability, I don’t have the resources or the access I need. And what a lie I’m embracing when I allow those thoughts to keep me from using what I do have.

The branches and flowers I used in that arrangement are not overly impressive or beautiful on their own. Honestly, I have overlooked them so many times. But they were available to me!

And I had a vision for them. Those simple branches became so much prettier in the hands of someone who saw the potential and had the power to see that potential through.

I cannot tell you the abundant hope I feel when I think about what God can do with my little bit. My little time, my little talent... When I hand it over to the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE, I’m making the ultimate investment. He might just take it and feed 5,000... He might just use it to encourage a single person.

I’ve been so hesitant to start writing again - but I keep thinking that maybe my blog post will encourage just ONE person. Maybe the little bit I have to give today, God can use to encourage just one of you and just thinking of that really brings me a lot of joy and the confidence I need to hit publish.