Ikea Orchid Hack

My friend Heidi asked me to plant her faux Ikea orchids in her dough bowl! I was so excited to take on the task. I had never bought or worked with the Ikea orchids, but I have been so impressed with how real they look.

These orchid centerpieces can run about $400. Yikes! I can buy a lot of target tees for $400. LOL.

So if you love the look, but don't want to spend all that cash - this is the perfect project for you.

So here is my step-by-step guide!

  1. You will need a vessel. Look for a bowl that has a little bit of depth to it. This dough bowl was a bit shallow, so securing the orchids was a little tricky. It can be done, but it might be easier if your bowl is a bit deeper. This dough bowl was from Homegoods, which is a great place to look for bowls. But you can find them ANYWHERE! Target, antique stores, thrift stores!

  2. You will need some pretty sturdy foam. This is what I used. I cut it to fit the bowl. This was the hardest step because the foam was very thick and difficult to cut. So if you get to this point and think about quitting, just know the rest is downhill from here! :)

  3. Take a part the entire Ikea orchid. This takes a bit of man power. I used almost every part of it (except for the plastic brown stick).

  4. Stick the orchid stems in the foam. Stick them in pretty deep until they feel secure.

  5. Add the leaves around the stems.

  6. Take your time tucking in the moss. It is important to use a good amount of moss so that you cover the entire foam board and you also tuck around the sides between the bowl and foam so that it makes the foam even more secure. I would also use a few different types of moss. I thought the texture and color of the white reindeer moss added another element of interest to the arrangement!

  7. I hot glued the roots from the Ikea orchid to the moss. I would put them in different places so it doesn't feel too uniform. This is just another way to make the arrangement feel more real.

  8. Then I stuck 4 of these bamboo sticks from Amazon next to the taller stem.

  9. I used gold wire to secure the bamboo stick to the orchid stem. Then I pulled the curly part of the down and stuck it in the foam. THIS step makes your arrangement look like a piece of art and totally elevates the look!

  10. I took a little extra foam and hot glued it to the stem of the orchids.

  11. I added a few extra faux leaves I had on hand to the bottom of the arrangement to create a bit more interest.

  12. Then I sprayed a generous amount of faux plant gloss all over the arrangement. Do not skip this step, because the shine it adds to the arrangement makes it look real. I used a ton! Ha!

Here is a list of things I used!!

  1. Foam Board

  2. Moss

  3. Gold wire

  4. Bamboo Sticks

  5. Hot Glue Gun

  6. Ikea Orchids

  7. Gloss Spray

I keep imagining how beautiful this centerpiece will be in each season! It is perfect on its own, but you can add Easter eggs during Easter. You can add mini American flags during 4th of July or Memorial Day! Put a few tiny gourds in the bottom during the Fall. Add sparkly ornaments during Christmas! Or colorful ribbon when you're celebrating a birthday or special occasion! The options are endless!