Fall Inspiration

There is so much to love about Fall... or what I've heard Fall is supposedly like. Crisp, cooler air. The changing colors of leaves. Pumpkins and apples. Football Saturdays. I'm here for the coziness. I wait as long as I can to decorate because of how hot it stays. And those classic Fall plants do much better when the days are cooler.

One of my friends recently reached out to me and asked what I was going to be doing for Fall decor on my front steps. So it prompted me to look around for some inspiration. I've gathered some of my favorite findings for you! All of these images are from Pinterest and many of the links were broken, so they aren't linked to anything.

This is my all time favorite front stoop.

I love the use of the purple Flowering Kale (also called Ornamental Kale) and the variety of pumpkins. I also LOVE the garland around the door. I used this picture as my inspiration for last year, but never got around to trying the garland around the door... Maybe I'll try that this year...

About this time of year, I start checking local nurseries for Kale. I think Lowes had it the earliest last year, but it is always biggest at Ace Hardware. But mine never got as big as the picture above. I think Flowering Kale is pretty easy to keep alive as long as you water it a couple times a week. I think Kale is easier than mums. Mums really love those 60 degree mornings, so I wait as long as I can before I purchase them for the season. Also - this type of Kale is not intended to be eaten. ;)

I also love the look of the classic look of this. It would be really easy to achieve with English Ivy and orange pumpkins. You could also use white mums instead of Kale.

I'm swooning over this planter... I am not quite sure what the bottom orange layer is. If I was going to recreate it, I'd go to Michael's or Joanns to find something faux that looked similar. Everything else in the planter should be easy to find or easy to find something similar! If you have a show-stopping piece like that, you don't need much else.

Another great planter. These colors are so rich and vibrant. This would look awesome with any color house!

I know this picture is blurry, but I LOVE the use of pumpkins throughout the landscaping. Plus look at all that color in their garden. So inspired by this!

This window box is so extra... and it speaks to me. Now I am thinking that I need to build a window box for our front windows...

This window box is a tad more practical. Ferns, kale and variegated ivy. All of these plans would be easy to find in local nurseries. You could do the same look in planters flanking your front door especially if your front steps are shaded.

This was our Fall steps last year at Halloween and that is my little pterodactyl right before we set out to get candy. I added even more plants and pumpkins during November (see below). Patrick was so ready for a clearer walkway to the door. LOL. Can't wait to pack the steps with pumpkins all over again!

Please send me your Fall front steps or send me the photos that inspire you for Fall. Maybe later this week, I'll round up some tablescape and mantel inspiration.