Backyard Flower Arrangement

Want to get better at making flower arrangements from your backyard? I have some tips!

1. It is all about the vessel.

When using flowers from your backyard, choosing the right vessel is crucial. Look for ones that have small openings. The smaller the opening, the easier it will be to keep your flowers in place - especially because many flowers in your garden will have thinner / shorter stems than the flowers that you can purchase at the grocery store or flower shop!

For the vessel, don't overlook glass bottles or jars that you already have. Normally those have smaller openings and are super unique. I am working on adding vessels to my web site and I am specifically looking to add an array of bud vases.

2. It is all about the greenery.

Gather up a lot of greenery. The more greenery you have, the easier it is to create a fuller, sturdier flower arrangement. Fill up that small opening with greenery – piece by piece. Turn the vessel and make sure your greenery is evenly spursed all the way around. At this point, you’re still laying the foundation for your showstopping flowers. When adding your greenery, think of making it like a grid – crossing one stem over the other. This really helps hold you’re larger flowers in place.

*Don’t be afraid to use more than one type of greenery. I love mixing solid green with anything variegated!

3. Find a showstopper

Your showstopper is the most thrilling flower in the arrangement. It is kinda what the arraignment is all about. In this example, I had three white roses. You can see that because I chose a vessel with such a small opening and filled it with so much greenery, 3 was the perfect amount. I used to think I needed so many big flowers to make my arrangements look professional, but some times that can make an arrangement look to formed and not as free. Again, using a lot of pretty greenery is a subtle, but beautiful backdrop to give your showstopper the stage to shine.

*If you feel like you don’t have any show-stopping flowers, think about adding some next time you’re at the plant nursery. I highly recommend roses, because they’ll bloom throughout the spring, summer and fall. These roses came from a plant that I bought years ago for $9.99. Or you can always pick up the your showstopper at the grocery store and use the greenery from your yard to turn it into an arrangement.

4. Use fillers to finish it off.

I could have left this with just the white roses, but I had some salvia and maiden hair, that elevated the elegance and interest! Using different textures, shapes, colors always creates more interest.

These simple arrangements are really fun to make and make great centerpieces for #fancydinnernight or a lovely addition to set on your front foyer table. You could even set it next to your bed! Never underestimate what a simple arrangement like this can do for a space and your mood!

I think every room should have something green. Plants and flowers breathe life into a room and make it feel fresher. I can't think of a better time to start making these arrangements to enjoy around your home! This is also a great way to get to know what you have around the yard and decide what you need to add. Bring in different stems and see how long they last in water. I've learned that the jasmine flowers don't last, but the greenery does and I love that the greenery is curly! It adds such a whimsical look to your arrangement.

Have fun and send me pictures of your arrangements!