Another Gift Guide for Her

I started this gift guide as a teacher gift guide, but realized that these gifts could work for a lot of different people! So I am just calling it the Gift Guide for Her!

1. Pretty Planner

Such a pretty planner and just $24!

2. Travel Sized Scripture Cards

I thought these were so pretty and would be so fun to have on a key chain!

3. Pretty Digital Download

This is from the same web site. They have so many pretty prints that you can download and print for just $5. I would buy a pretty frame and gift this to a teacher or co-worker! Take some time to look through the site. They have a lot of great products that would make great gifts!

4. Polka Dot Bag

This bag looks perfect for bringing home papers that need to be graded! :) I would put a little gift card or maybe even those scripture cards in this! I think the combination would make a sweet and thoughtful gift!

5. Tortoise Shell Barettes

I just bought these from Loft and I love them. They're a great price too!

6. When Less Becomes More

I posted about this book last week! I think this is perfect to give as a gift - especially for a friend you know feeling the stress of the season! Maybe add a Starbucks gift card?

7. Leather Phone Sticker Card Case

I used to have this on my phone and it was so convenient. Love all the color and monogramming options!

8. Charging Bracelet

How cool is this? This is not just a pretty bracelet, it is a phone charger! And you can get it monogrammed. It is a bit of a splurge, but I thought it was so cool. Especially for those who struggle to keep their phone charged!

9. CB Co Bracelets

I think the CB Co bracelets are a great price point to give as gifts! The cross bracelet is pretty popular, but I would pair it with something else to add some color!

10. Rife Paper Mug

I thought these were so pretty. I love giving mugs, because you can put something extra in them. Like a Burts Bees chapstick or maybe a gift card to Barnes N Noble!

Hope you find something to help make your Christmas shopping easier!