A New Easter Tradition

We are starting a new tradition this week as we lead up to Easter Sunday and I'm sharing in case you'd like to join us!

Each morning, we are going to read a few verses that mark a significant event during the week of Jesus death, burial and resurrection. With the help of my dad (who is much more of a Bible scholar than me, lol), we came up with 10 verses that help tell the story of Holy Week. I created these simple tags to print and hang on our Cross Topiary. I'm planning to have Tripp read these aloud while we have dinner and then we will hang the tags on the cross. (You could use any plant you have or just tape them on your fridge!) I think this will be a really special time to discuss the events of this week and just how meaningful it is.

In the past, I have felt that the significance of Easter got a little lost among the egg hunts and Easter bunny... and so much candy. SO. MUCH. CANDY. I think it is extra important, especially as Tripp gets older, that we create more of a tradition surrounding the true meaning and the incredible significance of these events.

I created a document that you can download if you'd like to join! Fingers crossed the download works, ha! I am not a professional graphic designer. :)

Easter Timeline Verses
Download DOCX • 1.89MB