I didn’t know it was World Book Day until I heard Jenna talk about this morning on Hoda & Jenna - just wanted to clear that up before any of you get the idea I have my life that put together, LOL. I thought it would be fun to share my top favorite books for 2019! I had a lot of time to read last summer and came across some books that I LOVED! I actually wrote this post a while ago and never shared it. I don’t think I would have found the time whip this whole thing up this morning, LOL.

What Alice Forgot

This was my favorite read over the summer - it actually became quite the running joke in my girlfriend group because I talked about it so much! It was both entertaining and thought-provoking. The story starts with Alice on the ground after falling off her spin bike in spin class. When she comes to, she believes she is in her 30's, pregnant with her first child and a happy newlywed. In reality, she is in her 40s, has 3 children and going through a divorce. She spends the rest of the book trying to figure out who she has become over the last 10 years and what happened to her marriage. I loved it!

Where'd Ya Go Bernadette

Perfect for poolside or beach days. This light-hearted story of finding a missing mother was hilarious and highly-entertaining. I loved learning more about Bernadettes character and I love the way the author told this story. The movie was great, but as always, the book was better.

The Circlemaker

This book changed my prayer life. I read this during a time that I was facing a great deal of fear and anxiety mostly centered around Blaire Alice. I woke up worrying. I worried throughout the entire day. I went to bed with worry. It wasn’t until I decided to take those worries and turn them into prayers that I finally found the peace I was searching for… I will write more about this later when I have more time to share the details, but one of the most helpful things I did was draw a circle with chalk in her nursery. When I felt that worry and anxiety start to creep in, I would go to that circle and get on my knees and I would pray for Blaire Alice from her head to her toe. Many times, I would write down those prayers and lay them in the circle. It was healing and faith-building. This book challenged me in that way.

When Less Becomes More

What a refreshing and needed book this is. I wish I would have read it a year ago when I was working a job that stressed me out and trying to get CBco up and running, while also trying to manage my family and home. Emily Ley's message to slow down and have less and say no is so relevant and necessary - especially in the noisy, busy, and bustling world we live in today. I know this book will be encouraging to you as we are all need of serious "soul rest."

Where the Crawdads Sing

I believe most people have heard of or read this book. It was such a thrilling read. I think about Kya (the main character) often. If you haven’t picked up this book, I would highly recommend you put this one on the top of your list.

I hope you'll share your favorites with me!

I started this gift guide as a teacher gift guide, but realized that these gifts could work for a lot of different people! So I am just calling it the Gift Guide for Her!

1. Pretty Planner

Such a pretty planner and just $24!

2. Travel Sized Scripture Cards

I thought these were so pretty and would be so fun to have on a key chain!

3. Pretty Digital Download

This is from the same web site. They have so many pretty prints that you can download and print for just $5. I would buy a pretty frame and gift this to a teacher or co-worker! Take some time to look through the site. They have a lot of great products that would make great gifts!

4. Polka Dot Bag

This bag looks perfect for bringing home papers that need to be graded! :) I would put a little gift card or maybe even those scripture cards in this! I think the combination would make a sweet and thoughtful gift!

5. Tortoise Shell Barettes

I just bought these from Loft and I love them. They're a great price too!

6. When Less Becomes More

I posted about this book last week! I think this is perfect to give as a gift - especially for a friend you know feeling the stress of the season! Maybe add a Starbucks gift card?

7. Leather Phone Sticker Card Case

I used to have this on my phone and it was so convenient. Love all the color and monogramming options!

8. Charging Bracelet

How cool is this? This is not just a pretty bracelet, it is a phone charger! And you can get it monogrammed. It is a bit of a splurge, but I thought it was so cool. Especially for those who struggle to keep their phone charged!

9. CB Co Bracelets

I think the CB Co bracelets are a great price point to give as gifts! The cross bracelet is pretty popular, but I would pair it with something else to add some color!

10. Rife Paper Mug

I thought these were so pretty. I love giving mugs, because you can put something extra in them. Like a Burts Bees chapstick or maybe a gift card to Barnes N Noble!

Hope you find something to help make your Christmas shopping easier!



Updated: Nov 11, 2019

I started gathering Christmas ideas months ago knowing that my December will be quite busy. I actually have a lot of my Christmas shopping done and I even bought wrapping paper this week. I have never been this ahead of the game, so I'm feeling pretty responsible.

I LOVE reading through gift guides by other bloggers and retailers, and since I've been doing so much internet perusing, I decided to put together my own. Next week, I am going to post a toy gift guide and warning: it will probably be really heavy on the boy side, but that is what I know best!

There is variety of price ranges on this list. I hope you find something for someone on your list or maybe something for yourself! I also plan to continue adding as I come across more ideas over the next few weeks!

1 .Personalized Daily Scripture Verses

My mother-in-law got me these verses a few years ago and I enjoy having them on my nightstand. Some extra special about seeing your name in the verse! These are only $13!

2. Comfortable Sunglasses under $25

When I lost my nice glasses at Disney last year, Patrick declared that I would no longer be allowed to buy expensive glasses. Well about 1 week later, I discovered these and I haven't looked back! I love them! They are comfortable to wear. They look great on everyone. There are a ton of color combinations, and they are under $25.

3. Sugar Lips Gift Set

A couple years ago, me and my 2 best friends spent hours shopping in Sephora. We were on a girls trip and really living it up, ;). I'll never forget that day, mostly because we couldn't stop laughing, but also because we all discovered Sugar Lips and we were all better for it. This has to be the silkiest lip gloss in the world... I think. :) There are a lot of shades and it smells good too! This gift set would make a great gift!

4. Softest PJs from Target!

I just bought this top and matching pants from Target! I was planning on saving them to wear in the hospital, but they are so soft, I couldn't resist them. I have been wearing them every day! They also come in green and white stripe. Target had a pretty great selection of soft loungewear, so definitely check them out!

5. Cozy Slippers!

Speaking of soft and cozy - all girlfriends appreciate a great pair of slippers and I love these! They come in other fun colors, but I tend to go for the classics!

6. Silky Scarf

I have this same scarf in 3 different patterns. It is light and silky. I love it to wear with a coat or over a dress for a fancy night out!

7. Workout Pants

The great thing about work out clothes is that we all wear them whether we work out or not - so every girlfriend would appreciate having a new pair of leggings. Haha. I have a few pairs of Fabletics leggings and I think they are great quality with a reasonable price! Plus, I loved this color green!

8. Monogrammed Tumbler

I love following Emily McCarthy and the next time I make it to Savannah, I will stop by her cute shop! Take some time to look through her shop online. I loved this tumbler and I love the unique monogram designs that they offer.

9. Skin Brightening Serum

I bought this 2 years ago and I love it so much. It is a skin brightening serum and totally worth every penny. I use a few of their products and really like them. They also have great gift sets!

10. Stadium Bag with cute straps!

How great is this stadium bag with different straps?! Paired with the leopard strap, you'll be all set for the next Jag game!

11. Adorable Monogrammed Beaded Clutch

I love the colors and pattern in. Be sure to check out the entire site. This shop is in St. Simon's Island and they have a great selection of colorful, unique clutches plus other unique gifts!

Another pretty personalized piece from the same store! You can't go wrong with something this pretty!

12. CBCO Necklace and Earring Gift Set

Well, I had to throw in something from CBco. I think CBco is a great gift option (especially the bracelet sets, because they are a great price point). I also love this gift set for $85.

13. Barefoot Dreams Cardigan

This is worth the splurge. My sister-in-law was wearing this the other night and I kept touching it because it was so soft! And there are multiple colors, but I loved this neutral color!

14. Simple Earrings that Go with Everything!

Fool proof gift! Light, simple stud earrings that go with everything? Check. They also have them in creamy, natural color.

15. Camo Cross Body

I must really be into camo print these days! I LOVE this bag both for the cute print and also the convenience. Every girlfriend appreciates a great cross body.

17. Camo Rothy's

Disclaimer: I have never owned Rothy's, but I have always heard great things and I love that they use recycled plastic water bottles to make the shoes. Win-win! I saw a lady in the grocery store wearing these and I thought they looked so cute on her. I'm buying these for someone on my list!

18. Magical Coffee Mug

I have seen a few people post about this coffee mug and they all seem to love it. You can decide what temperature to keep your coffee and this magical mug will keep it at that temp! I cannot even tell you how many times I have to warm up my coffee. This is the older version that only has 1 hour battery life. The newer version has 1.5 hours. What a great gift for a new mom? :) 19. One Line A Day Journal

This would make a sweet and simple gift! I love the idea of journaling a little bit every day.

20. Monogrammed Soy Candle

I thought this was a unique gift at a great price point!

21. Colorful Apple Watch Band

I love adding new watch bands to my collection and I thought this one was perfect! Love the colors and there are a lot more options on their web site!

22. Faux Fur Vest

I keep eyeing this vest... it doesn't help that it keeps showing up in my newsfeed! And I honestly put this on here in hopes that Patrick reads this. Haha. I think it would be great to wear during the holidays - and especially paired with some CBco jewelry!

23. What Alice Forgot

I read this book last summer and it was my favorite! Ask my girlfriends, I was still talking about it WEEKS after I finished it. The main character of the book falls and hits her head and forgets the last ten years of her life. She wakes up thinking that she is a newlywed expecting her first child, but she is really the mother of three and going through a divorce. She spends much of the book trying to figure out what happened over the last ten years and specifically what happened to her marriage. Pair this with a Starbucks gift card for the book lover on your list!

24. Personalized Necklace

This might be what the grandmothers are getting this year! What mom doesn't love something with their kids' names on it... Etsy has so many options for personalized jewelry. I especially loved this style!

That is all I have! But if you come across something that you think makes a great gift, please share! I might do a teacher / hostess gift guide. I'll keep you posted.

Happy Shopping!