Below is a list of some easy, but fun ways to celebrate this day. Most of these activities can be done without leaving your home! Perfect during quarantine.

1. Go on a nature walk and collect things from nature to make a collage

Last summer I read, Where the Crawdads Sing and I was captivated by Kya's love of nature and exploring. I imagine her little shack of a home was quite a spectacular piece of art considering her collection of all the unique things she found in her exploration. If you haven't read the book, it is a must read! I think we have to remind our children that nature is a gift for us to explore and study. Today, I am going to take Tripp for a walk in our yard, around our neighborhood, and around the golf course. I think we will also go to a little park in our neighborhood where there is a little beach area to explore the water. I am going to remind him to look for the small things and look for details. We are going to collect anything cool that we see and we are going to make a collage out of it on posterboard. I will keep you updated on how this goes! But what a great way to explore the gift of the Earth on this Earth Day?

2. Go on a walk around the neighborhood and collect flowers for a bouquet

We did this last week and I so enjoy clipping little flowers from trees. I hope my neighbors didn’t mind, LOL. I would be flattered if some one took a stem from my yard! I turned it into a centerpiece for my mantel. I am planning on doing it again this week. When you challenge yourself to find new and different things, you’ll be amazed at the beauty you have been overlooking every day.

3. Plant seeds or a garden

We are planting an herb garden with a few tomatoes / peppers! I love having and cooking with fresh herbs and it will be great for us to watch them grow. Tripp loves this kind of activity and I love that we can share it together.

4. Create a dinosaur or fairy world in your backyard

Tripp loves doing this! We gather his favorite dinosars, pick a spot in our yard and create an entire community for them. It is really fun to see his imagination take off as he searches for things that will work to create homes or caves for them to live in. Normally, I start it with him, but then I step back to watch his little imagination take off. This activity always inspires quite of a bit of independent play and I am always grateful for that. Can I get an amen? You can use anything – animals, fairies, barbies! Whatever you have on hand. The example pictured above is one we did inside.

5. Watch an animal or earth documentary, then write a note to God about something you learned.

We are so into the DisneyNature documentaries on DisneyPlus. If you need a break during the day, turn on one of those documentaries, but make it a learning experience out of it. Challenge your child to take notes of things they find especially fascinating. Last week, I had Tripp write a letter to God to tell Him the things he found most interesting about the documentary. It was a great way to remind Tripp that all of nature is a gift from Him. Not only should we praise Him for it, but we must also take care of it!

6. Complete a backyard scavenger hunt.

We love doing this one too. I normally make it up as I go, but you can prepare ahead of time. Have your kids find different color flowers, 5 different leaf shapes, the longest stick in the yard, a feather, caterpillar, etc… You get the idea.

7. Use food scraps to grow more food

Have you ever done this? I love to regrow more celery. Here is a list of all the foods that you can regrow. I think this is fascinating and maybe your kids will too. Pictured to the right are green onions. You'll be amazed at how fast they start to grow again.

8. Make leaf prints or press flowers in old books.

I saw Joanna Gaines pressing flowers in old garden books with her kids this week. They picked the flowers and set them on a page and then signed and dated it. What a treasure that will be to find years from now. I had Tripp sign his name and we wrote "During Quarantine," because what I memory this will be to look back on. I cannot wait to do this with Blaire Alice too.

9. Use peanut butter, pine cones or dried oranges, and bird seed to DIY a bird feeder

I did this last year with dried oranges and peanut butter and bird seed. It was really fun to watch the birds find it and eat off of it. It is a quick and easy ( maybe a little bit messy), but might provide some entertainment. Spread peanut butter on a pine cone or orange slice, roll it or dip it in birdseed. Then hang it up in your yard and watch and wait for the birds to find it!

10. Use foilage around your yard to create a wreath for your front door

You probably saw the cross we made last week. I think this would be a great activity for tomorrow. A few of my friends participated and I LOVED seeing what they came up with from their own yard. You can use anything as the wreath form and it can be any shape. Use wire or string to attach the foilage to the form. Use your imagination and let your creative juices flow. Some greenery lasts longer than others, but you can always try misting your wreath to keep it greener longer.

11. Collect Herbs from your yard and deliver to a neighbor

I clipped some parsley and kale from my back yard and added a bit of Jasmine and Gardenia, then tied a little tag to it. It was so simple and makes a thoughtful gift for a neighbor.

Happy Earth Day! I am so thankful for the gift of the Earth. I cannot help but be in awe of our Creator while exploring or enjoying it. I hope these activities spark important conversations about what we can do to take care of our planet. I believe that all of us can make small changes to make a big difference. Teaching our children the importance of doing our part to care for the Earth will be valuable for generations to come. If you have any additional ideas, I'd LOVE to know about them. Or if you decide to do any of these activities, send me a picture so I can share.

We are starting a new tradition this week as we lead up to Easter Sunday and I'm sharing in case you'd like to join us!

Each morning, we are going to read a few verses that mark a significant event during the week of Jesus death, burial and resurrection. With the help of my dad (who is much more of a Bible scholar than me, lol), we came up with 10 verses that help tell the story of Holy Week. I created these simple tags to print and hang on our Cross Topiary. I'm planning to have Tripp read these aloud while we have dinner and then we will hang the tags on the cross. (You could use any plant you have or just tape them on your fridge!) I think this will be a really special time to discuss the events of this week and just how meaningful it is.

In the past, I have felt that the significance of Easter got a little lost among the egg hunts and Easter bunny... and so much candy. SO. MUCH. CANDY. I think it is extra important, especially as Tripp gets older, that we create more of a tradition surrounding the true meaning and the incredible significance of these events.

I created a document that you can download if you'd like to join! Fingers crossed the download works, ha! I am not a professional graphic designer. :)

Easter Timeline Verses
Download DOCX • 1.89MB

This is Tripp’s favorite meal. He asks for it at least once a week! while it isn’t the healthiest meal (ha), I do love that Tripp is consuming a healthy serving of veggies with each plateful... and he ALWAYS goes back for seconds.

FYI: I have never written out my own recipe before, so I hope I don't totally mess this up. 😂


  1. 1 lb of Ground Beef

  2. 1 yellow onion (diced)

  3. 3 cloves of garlic (minced)

  4. Carrots (I used 3 large ones, chopped)

  5. Green beans (I’ve used fresh and canned - either ways works great!)

  6. 1 can of cream corn

  7. 2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce

For the Mashed Potatoes:

  1. 6-7 russet potatoes (peeled and chopped)

  2. 1/2 cup sour cream

  3. 3 -4 tablespoons butter

  4. Himalayan Pink Salt with Black Pepper & Garlic

  5. 1 cup of shredded gouda cheese

I start by putting my potatoes in water to boil and get soft. I like to let those cook while I’m working on the filling.

In an iron skillet, brown your ground beef. Remove from the skillet and drain and set aside. But leave some of the drippings in the skillet 😋!

Add a little butter to your skillet and sauté your onions until they are translucent. Then add in the garlic, carrots and green beans! I let all of that cook for about 10 minutes before I add back in the ground beef, worcestshire, and cream corn. Season with salt and pepper!

I keep all the veggies on a low simmer and stir frequently while I work on the mashed potatoes (the best part)!

Once the potatoes are soft enough to mash (easy to stick a fork through). Drain them, then put in the mixer with 1/2 cup of sour cream, 3-4 tbs of butter, and a tbs (or little more 😋) of the Himalayan Pink Salt with Pepper and Garlic (I love this seasoning). I mix those until the potatoes are creamy (you can add milk or more sour cream to make them creamier). I add stir in the Gouda cheese until melted.

Spread over the Veggies in the skillet. Add a little more Gouda cheese and a light sprinkle of paprika. Then put it in the oven to melt the cheese on top.

Then serve! I think (and my kids totally agree) it is best serve with warm blueberry muffins! 💙